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More customer submitted pics of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Monett M is starting 'em young! Woohoo for future Lucky Dog customers!  - - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Phat Matt's dashboard - he never leave's home without Lucky Dog Hot Sauce!  - - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Dave Q's phenomenal Lucky Dog Hot Sauce beef stew!  - - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Getting low! Time to hit the farmer's market again, Mary M!  - - - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Todd C's epic turkey dinner with Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Red & Orange Label!  - - - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Customer pic of Hot Sauce Guy slingin' sauce at the 4th Street San Rafael Farmer's Market!  - - - -...

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Lucky Dog Hot Sauce pics submitted by happy customers!

I always love seeing how people use Lucky Dog Hot Sauce!  If you send in an action photo of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce to, I'll send you back a coupon! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The best customer photo ever - he was so excited to find his favorite sauce in a big supermarket!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Great pic submitted by Tamara W, one of my great San Rafael, CA farmer's market customers!  What a great smile on those two....and the baby's a chilehead?!? "he already loves mild hot sauce! Just like his daddy".  Awesome.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Randi M sent in this great picture of her 3...

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Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - rain or shine

  Rain or Shine, a hot sauce guy's work is never done! :)

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