Kickstarter Backers: My thanks to the following Kickstarter backers for their extreme generosity and support in backing the Kickstarter campaign to help fund the new Lucky Dog Hot Sauce delivery vehicle: 

Jennifer D B - Fort Myers, FL
Peter H - San Rafael, CA
Luis B
Oz S - Chicago, IL
Dara F - Los Gatos, CA
Brianna P S - San Jose, CA
Amber OL - Lacey, WA
Grilliant Ideas - Fishing Creek, MD
Narendra R - Lexington, KY
Steve Y - Boynton Beach, FL
Wolf R - Louisville, KY
Christine C - Brisbane, CA
Matthew F - San Francisco, CA
Karen C - San Mateo, CA
Mary H - Louisville, KY
Cyndi McM - Tuskahoma, OK
Veronica N - Tampa, FL
Joseph C - Mesa, AZ
Chuck W - Mesa, AZ
Andrea B - Redwood City, CA
Gia D - Milbrae, CA
Patrick T - Colorado Springs, CO
Justine - San Rafael, CA
Nita O - Lavale, MD
Hugh B - La Grange, KY
Gidget B
Joe K - Clearwater, FL
Georgia M
Deja Blue - Castro Valley, CA
Shari D K - Sebastopol, CA
Tonya S - Lebanon, OH
Richard B - Bethlehem, GA
Scott A - Burlingame, CA
Tony D - Seattle, WA
Mark H - San Mateo, CA
Paris O - Santa Rosa, CA
Jonathon J - Foster City, CA
Sean W
Dennis E - Whitehall, OH
Lee V-E - Chula Vista, CA
Jill B - Lexington, KY
Daniel K - Le Claire, IA
Jack H - Windsor, WI
Toni F
Ben M - Katy, TX
Angela - Brentwood, CA
Lisa R - Sunnyside, NY
Jamison P - Counce, TN
Shep W - San Francisco, CA
Jarrett P
Delaney K
Sandra - Rijmenam
Brian H - Yreka, CA
Chad G - Boise, ID
Marilyn B-M - Ocean City, MD
Clare F - CA
Aileen P - San Pedro, CA
Kevin V - Tobaccoville, NC
L Jaden B & Bonnie E - Hesperia, CA
And over a dozen contributors who preferred to remain anonymous with their pledges.

You all have my lasting thanks for your generosity, patience and support. I literally could not deliver my hot sauce without you! 

    Label Art:
    • Original Lucky Dog Hot Sauce logo design and concept by Kara Thauer 
    • Dia del Perro painting by Robin Case,  ©2014 Lucky Dog Hot Sauce
    • Dia del Perro graphic design for label adaptation by Erik Bucher
    • Year of the Dog painting by Robin Case, ©2015 Lucky Dog Hot Sauce
    • Year of the Dog graphic design for label adaptation by Melisa Schnieder & Kara Thauer
    Photo attributions
    • Lucky Dog Hot Sauce home page "glamour shots" professionally shot by Chris Joyner of Joyner's Pepper Powders - thanks Chris! 
    • Dried Peppers Fruits,Vegetables,Pepper by Marius Iordache
    • Peppers, Lime & Garlic Peppers, Lime & Garlic by Jon Sullivan
    • "Food pron" photos and my favorite picture of Lucky the dog ever by Alyssa Barnett
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