Military Outreach

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce proudly supports with monthly care packages - US servicemen and women have tough jobs in harsh conditions. A care package will make someone's day. 

APO's are US addresses. If you have an extra $7-15 sitting around & you're looking for something good to do, consider packing up a USPS flat-rate box with warm socks, a paperback book, gum, small electronics, maybe a snack food or hot sauce, playing cards, a pocket video game, baby wipes, chewing gum, cookies, a jar of honey - whatever other good stuff you can pack in there...fill up the box since it's flat-rate shipping!  

Make a soldier's day - use

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - an MRE's Best Friend

Got a picture of a soldier with Lucky Dog Hot Sauce? Send it in to (along with their APO) - I'll add it to the gallery below & I'll make sure their unit receives another care package! 

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Supports the efforts of 

Do you want to do something nice for a member of the armed forces, but don’t have a friend or family member currently serving? could be your answer. They will provide you with addresses absolutely free of charge, though a $1 donation to the site can help keep the servers humming. Even a postcard or letter helps, so for less than $1 you can help to make a positive impact.  A little taste of home goes a long way! Some cookies, beef jerky, candy, and of course spicy food. Check out and send out a care package today!