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Hot Pepper Awards 2012 | Golden Chile & Fiery Foods 2013/2014

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  • "ILIS Award for Best Product Line of 2013" Learn More
  • "Amazing! If you're a garlic lover you have to try this!" See Video
  • "The perfect compliment for anything straight off the grill." Read More
  • "Scott has worked hard to put out one hell of a great product!" Read More
  • "This sauce deserves to be in every grocery store." Read More
  • "I ate 1/2 a bottle in 2 days! Very good flavor - I love it!" Read More
  • "'s one of the best I've tasted so far this year." Read More
  • " very tasty, hot, and palatable."Read More
  • "What do I think of Lucky Dog Hot Sauces? I love them."Read More
  • "Lucky Dog Hot Sauce gets 'A hearty thumbs-up'"Read More
  • "Lucky Dog Hot Sauce gets "10/10 on flavor - woohoo!"Read More


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