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Year of the Dog - Thai Chile Pineapple Hot Sauce - HOT 5 OZ
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Year of the Dog - Thai Chile Pineapple Hot Sauce - HOT 5 OZ

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    Year of the Dog Thai chile pineapple hot sauce may well be Lucky Dog's best sauce to date, and is featured on Season 9 of the YouTube sensation, Hot Ones!

    Pronounced pineapple overtones blend seamlessly with the sublime flavor of red Thai chiles in a surprisingly savory fruit-based hot sauce.  

    Never one to shy away from  complex flavor profiles, Lucky Dog Hot Sauce's Year of the Dog attempts to redefine what a pineapple hot sauce can be.

    Rather than muddle the flavors with competing tropical fruit notes, Year of the Dog singularly features the delicious pineapple, while avoiding the trap of being a "hot pineapple sauce" by using a spectacular balance of sweet & savory notes that emerge or are muted depending on application.    

    Deeply layered flavors of toasted onion, roasted garlic, toasted sesame, Aleppo peppers, honey, lime, and hints of Chinese mustard & ginger with subtle rice vinegar blend perfectly to create an amazingly adaptable and uniquely balanced hot sauce that excels in flavor and versatility.  

    Rarely is a pineapple hot sauce particularly hot, savory or versatile. Year of the Dog combines all 3 characteristics to expand the boundaries of what you've come to expect from a pineapple hot sauce, with the bold & satisfying flavors that remain a hallmark of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce. 


     Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Year of the Dog is a winner!


    • 2023 Scovie Awards, 1st Place, World Beat
    • 2023 NY Hot Sauce Expo, Screaming Mimi, 2nd Place, 2023 Clifton Chilli Club National Chilli Awards (UK) - 2nd Place, Fruit-Based, Hot
    • 2023 Scovie Awards, 1st Place - World Beat
    • 2022 NY Hot Sauce Expo, Screaming Mimi, 1st Place, Asian Style

    • 2022 NY Hot Sauce Expo, Screaming Mimi, 2nd Place, Fruit-Based, Hot

    • 2021 Scovie Awards, 3rd Place, Hot Sauce "World Beat"

    • 2020 NY Hot Sauce Expo, Screaming Mimi, 2nd Place,  Asian Style

    • 2020 Fiery Food Challenge, 2nd Place, Hot Sauce - Asian Style
    • 2018 Scovie Awards, Grand Prize - Tasting Division

    • 2018 Scovie Awards, 1st Place - World Beat
    • 2018 Scovie Awards, 1st Place - "Cook it Up", Marinade - Tequila Lime Prawns, Year of the Dog
    • 2017 NY Hot Sauce Expo, Screaming Mimi - 3rd Place -Label Art
    • "Lenny" Award - Best Reviewed Product 2016
      (based on highest average review score) 
    • 2017 Fiery Food Challenge, 2nd Place -Hot Sauce: Asian Style
    • 2017 Fiery Food Challenge, 3rd Place - Hot Sauce -Fruit-Based
    • 2016 Scovie Awards, 3rd Place - Hot Sauce - All-Natural

    Label art by Robin Case, Copyright © 2016 Lucky Dog Hot Sauce, all rights reserved.
    Graphic Design by Kara Thauer

    Pairing suggestions:  Year of the Dog works with virtually anything, and equally compliments Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Italian, beef, chicken, fish or pork - try it in Pho, or on pizza; use liberally with spring rolls or BBQ shrimp. Surprisingly good on Mexican foods like carnitas or carne asada or a classically American bacon cheeseburger.


    Helpful tip: For best value on shipping, 1-4 bottles ships for just $8 USPS Priority! Bulk pricing using the drop-down menu gets you an additional discount! 

    The Story Behind the Sauce

    After the Dia del Perro art was commissioned, I wanted to help support my favorite artist Robin Case as much as I could, so I commissioned a 2nd, "TBD" label, which was put on hold until such time as inspiration hit.

    Several months later while prototyping Brown Labelmy mind started to wander as I stirred the pot. I had just tasted a cooled off potion, and I absolutely loved the way the mustard flour played in the sauce. So I started thinking about other kinds of sauces that I could make using mustard flour, and then started thinking about other types of mustard. That of course led to the idea of using Chinese mustard - and my next thought was, "Ooh! I could call it Year of the Dog!" (yes, I really am that much of a dork sometimes...).  

    ....and since I was born in the Year of the Dog, well, sometimes things just feel right, and this felt right. 

    So after some trial and error, and the realization that the Thai people also celebrate Asian astrology, (and given my passion for Thai cuisine and Thai chiles, my favorite pepper) the idea for a Thai chile/pineapple sauce began to take form. Once I'd nailed down the basic formula, Robin & I got on the phone and stated brainstorming a label concept until the wee hours of the morning. The idea of a temple with the dog/horseshoe as a gong, with a sea of ingredients in a pseudo-Thai style of artwork was very appealing to me.

    From there Robin hunkered down and started furiously painting, and I hunkered down and started furiously making prototype after prototype.  After all, if it has Robin's artwork on the label, the sauce had better be worthy of it. 

    The end result is my best, and favorite hot sauce to date. Yes, I love it even more than my Black Label (though it's really close!)

    I hope you all enjoy using Year of the Dog as much as I've enjoyed creating it. 

    Love & hot sauce

    Scott Z, Hot Sauce Guy