News — The Hot Pepper Awards

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Wins Big at the 2013 THPAs!

Announced 12/30/13, Lucky Dog Hot Sauce won 7 awards, including the "THE HOT PEPPER AWARD (#1 Overall)" for hot sauce!   Not bad considering I entered sauces into 7 categories? I didn't have Purple Label or Pink label out in time, but Black Label got some serious love, and I'm beyond happy to report that the Red Label won the 1st place overall hot sauce award!!! As many of you know, when I was a hobbyist, Red Label was my baby - I worked on that sauce for years to make what I considered a great every day, use on...

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The Hot Pepper Awards 2012!

  The Hot Pepper awards were just announced and I’m excited to say that Lucky Dog Hot Sauce had two products place in 3 categories!!  Category:  JALAPENO 1st - Smoke Canyon - Smoke Roasted Jalapeño Sauce 2nd - Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - Green Label 3rd - JungleRain - Serpents Bite PEPPER BLEND 1st - New World Hot Sauce - Roadhouse Red Pepper Sauce 2nd - Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - Orange Label 3rd - Davez Foodz - Sweet Spicy Girl SAVORY 1st - Sean’s booYah! - The Hammer 2nd - Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - Orange Label 3rd -...

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