Food's Best Friend

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - it's Food's Best Friend!  

More than just a cute slogan, this phrase is the mantra of the Lucky Dog Hot Sauce company.

My mission is to produce the most balanced, flavorful and versatile hot sauces possible - sauces that can be used on virtually everything and appeal to all tastes from moderate to strong heat, while not overpowering food. 

As a sauce maker  I believe in flavor above all else, which is why Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is created with the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients such as fire-roasted hot peppers, carrots, onions and heaps of roasted Gilroy, CA garlic. 

My sauces bring complex taste with respectable heat levels. I have great respect for people who cook well and/or who appreciate a good meal. The best compliment is that people would choose to put Lucky Dog Hot Sauce on their food.

Whether you love the heat or simply want to add savory roasted pepper & roasted garlic flavors to your favorite meal, try Lucky Dog Hot Sauce and you're sure to agree - they are all truly "Food's Best Friend".


Scott Zalkind

Hot Sauce Guy & Founder, Lucky Dog Hot Sauce