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Green Label -  Mild Fire-Roasted Jalapeno & Serrano Sauce 5 OZ
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Green Label - Mild Fire-Roasted Jalapeno & Serrano Sauce 5 OZ

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    Lucky Dog hot sauce Green Label features fire-roasted Jalapeño, Serrano and mild Cayenne peppers with sweet roasted garlic. This non-traditional mild fire-roasted verde sauce uses carrots, onion and white vinegar to give it a tangy quality that compliments the Jalapeños perfectly.  

    Green Label has a complex flavor profile, with roasted garlic adding depth of flavor in this unique Jalapeño sauce.  

    Pairing suggestions: Green Label is a fantastic compliment for eggs, breakfast burritos, traditional Mexican food, pork, fish, pizza or just about anything! 


    Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Green Label is a Winner!

    • 2023 Clifton Chilli Club National Chilli Awards (UK) - 3rd Place, Mild Chilli Sauce
    • 2018 Scovie Awards, 1st Place - Verde
    • 2017 Zestfest Fiery Food Challenge, 2nd Place - Mild
    • 2017 Zestfest Fiery Food Challenge, 3rd Place, Mild/Hot Latin-Style
    • 2014 Screaming Mimi's, 3rd Place - Jalapeño
    • 2013 The Hot Pepper Awards, 3rd Place, Pepper Blend
    • 2013 Zestfest Fiery Food Challenge, 1st Place Golden Chile Award Winner, Mild - Consumer Ready
    • 2013 Zestfest Fiery Food Challenge, 2nd Place, Jalapeno - Consumer Ready
    • 2012 The Hot Pepper Awards, 2nd Place, Jalapeño

      The Story Behind the Sauce

      Green Label is the 3rd sauce added to the Lucky Dog arsenal.  I would love to tell you how I spent 4 months in a Tibetan cave meditating, and living off of wheat grass, peyote and cheeseburgers while having visions of a sweet/tangy verde unlike any previously known to man, but alas, that would be a lie. 

      The reality is that when I was considering taking Lucky Dog Hot Sauce from a hobby to a business, I felt I needed a mild sauce. While a huge fan of classic, sharp tomatillo verde sauces I have this thing about creating original flavors. So I set out to make a mild version of my favorite Red Label by removing the habanero peppers from the mix, and voilà! 

      A couple of batches later, with a pinch of this and a dash of that, green label was more or less complete. 

      While a pretty boring story, Green Label continues to be among my most popular sauces among chileheads and those with a mild palate alike - a truly unique style of green sauce, with a rich, tangy and sweet balance, and the roasted peppers & garlic really shine. 

      As long as I'm selling hot sauce I'll be selling Green Label. And as long as I'm alive I'll be making it. To say it is a beloved recipe in my book would be an understatement.  And new for 2017, agave has been subbed in for cane sugar, for healthier appetites. 


      Scott Z.