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DELUXE - Blackberry Black Garlic & Dragon Fruit w/Red Scotch Bonnet Chile - MED, 5 Oz
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DELUXE - Blackberry Black Garlic & Dragon Fruit w/Red Scotch Bonnet Chile - MED, 5 Oz

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    1. luxurious or sumptuous; of a superior kind.
      "a deluxe hot sauce"

    Lucky Dog Hot Sauce's Deluxe is exactly that. Deluxe features blackberry, black garlic, & dragon fruit, with red scotch bonnet chiles. Deluxe has a complex, tangy, slightly sweet, yet savory balance. It's difficult to describe, yet pairs with almost anything. The black garlic is present yet not overpowering, while the blackberry lends tartness, without being too sharp. It's a truly special hot sauce, well worthy of the name. 

    An important note about the heat: This is the very 1st batch of Deluxe, and as sometimes happens, we missed the mark just a little bit. This sauce is labelled "hot", but when we made the batch it scaled out closer to a creeping medium. There's a nice little burn from the scotch bonnets, but I believe in honesty & setting expectations, so I'm telling y'all; the sauce is medium heat. 

    That said, it is super tasty, and the next batch will definitely be hotter, but for now Deluxe is Medium. We sauce-makers are imperfect creatures, and occasionally such things happen. That is why this is a bit of a "soft launch" with very little fanfare. 


    Use Deluxe On literally any food. I have yet to find a pairing that doesn't work with this sauce. Even on something as delicate as scrambled eggs, this sauce is an addictive addition. Add this luxurious sauce to any dish, & Deluxe will be your Food's Best Friend.©


    The Story Behind the Sauce

    I love the savory, bold, umami notes of fermented Black Garlic and have long wanted to use it in a sauce; but only with the right balance. When I was playing with a home recipe using banana & papaya, I loved the black garlic, but the rest of the sauce just didn't quite come together as pronounced as I'd wanted, so I scrapped everything but the black garlic. Recommitted, I shifted to blackberry & dragon fruit, changed the pepper mash to red scotch bonnet chiles, and voila! Deluxe was born. I knew the name the instant I'd tasted it. The notes could only be described as luxurious, special, Deluxe

    From there it was time to work with Kara Thauer on a label design, and she knocked it out of the park. The subtle details in this one are so much fun, from the peppers in the crown, to the sword in the "suicide king's" head as a pepper, to the little paws, and all the flip-image effects. I love this label almost as much as I love this sauce. 

    Give Deluxe a try - I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. 

    ~Scott Z