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Black Label - Extra Hot Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce 5 OZ

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Black Label is now available! 

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    Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Black Label features the distinct flavor of the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper, easily among the hottest and most flavorful peppers in the world. While respectably hot, this savory sauce is still Food's Best Friend! 

    LDHS Black Label is a seasonal hot sauce, made with a delicate balance of fresh Trinidad Scorpion peppers & fire-roasted jalapeños to add to the depth of flavor. California black mission figs, organic apples, white onions and roasted garlic round out this sublimely  versatile  and very hot pepper sauce. Just a bit of ghost pepper provides a pleasantly lingering burn,  and hints of lime give this sauce a spectacularly bright finish. 

    While a fruit-based hot sauce, this savory sauce is an excellent compliment to grilled or fresh oysters, fish tacos, Mexican and Latin American foods, Pizza, meat, eggs, Thai, Greek, Asian foods and virtually anything else.

    If you're looking for a Lucky Dog Hot Sauce with a lot more bite and a ton of flavor, Black Label is going to be your Food's Best Friend! 

    Scott Roberts named Black Label the "Best Hot Sauce of 2014"! 


    Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Black Label is a Winner! 

    (and our most award-winning sauce!)

    • 2018 Fiery Food Challenge - 3rd Place, Extra Hot
    • 2017 NY Hot Sauce Expo - 1st Place, Pepper Blend-Hot
    • 2017 Fiery Food Challenge - 1st Place, Extra Hot
    • 2017 Fiery Food Challenge - 1st Place Hot/XHot Pepper Blend
    • 2015 The Hot Pepper Awards - BEST EXTRA HOT
    • 2015 The Hot Pepper Awards - 1st Place, SUPERHOTS PEPPER BLEND
    • 2015 The Hot Pepper Awards - 1st Place, SUPERHOTS FRUIT-BASED
    • 2015 The Hot Pepper Awards - 1st Place, UNIQUE
    • 2015 Golden Chile, 1st Place Hot - Consumer Ready 
    • 2014 Fiery Food Challenge, 3rd Place, Hot Sauce: Pepper Blend - Consumer Ready 
    • 2014 The Hot Pepper Awards - 1st Place, Trinidad Scorpion Sauce
    • 2014 The Hot Pepper Awards - 2nd Place, Extra Hot
    • 2014 The Hot Pepper Awards - 2nd Place,  Unique
    • 2013 The Hot Pepper Awards - 1st Place, SUPERHOTS w/FRUIT 
    • 2013 The Hot Pepper Awards - 1st Place, SUPERHOTS UNIQUE 
    • 2013 The Hot Pepper Awards - 3rd Place, SAVORY


    The Story Behind The Sauce

    Black Label was far and away my most challenging creation. I spent months prototyping this sauce, due to the difficult nature of the Trinidad Scorpion pepper. I fell in love with the delicate floral bouquet and creeping heat of this pepper immediately, but was a bit put off by the bitter finish.     

    I'd found 24 ways to successfully mute the bitterness for a citrus finish, but lost the lovely subtle floral quality as well. 

    While taking a break from the frustrations of attempting to create this sauce & enjoying a neighborhood BBQ in a friend's back yard, the wind kicked up and the tree I was sitting under stated raining black mission figs on my lap. The host of the BBQ told me to take some home. I tried one, and found the flavor remarkably similar to the Trinidad Scorpion's floral quality. It occurred to me that using figs might boost the subtle flavor of the peppers enough that it would be retained when using apples & lime to mute the bitter finish. 

    I immediately bagged up a couple of lbs, went home and made another batch of sauce using this interesting new ingredient. And as luck would have it, that is the final recipe. California Black Mission Figs and organic apples blend together beautifully with the fire-roasted jalapenos and Trinidad Scorpion peppers to create a perfect sweet-heat balance & what has become my best selling, most versatile and most unusual hot sauce. 

    ~Scott Z

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